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I've just done an upgrade and I've got a few issues, specifically with fans.


I had an old standard MB that I've just upgraded to an ASUS ROG Maximus XII, a new CPU and a Corsair H100i to go with it. I previously had 4x LL120 RGB fans in the case already.


Since rebuilding, the 4x LL120's have no RGB, and they sound like they're running as fast as possible (the H100i is quiet as a mouse).


-I've got them going into the RGB HUB and the Commander, where they've always been

-The HUB is connected to the 'LED' port on the Commander, again where it's always been. And it's also connected to SATA (tried multiple ones, and know they power everything else fine, and it's a brand new PSU)

-The Commander is going into the USB port on the MB and also SATA


They don't seem to show up in iCUE either, though I don't think they ever did. To reaffirm, the H100i is fine - lit up on the fans, and the PSU cooler, and everything is showing up in iCUE. It's just the LL's that seem to be the issue. As per H100i instructions, they don't actually connect to the Commander/RGB hub, as it's controlled seperately.


I've checked all connections multiple times but I can't get those lights working and they sound like they're about to take off!



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The Commander Pro does not have RGB auto-detection and you have to designate a configuration in the Lighting Set-up panel. You can lie to the software, tell it anything you want, and it will show you what you tell it -- not what you really have. In this case, you would set it as "LL x 4 fans". That should then generate 4 LLs in the Lighting Channel 1 tab. Incidentally, if you have the H100i Platinum SE that comes with 2 white LL fans, those can be inserted into the RGB hub to make a 1-6 run of LL fans. There is also nothing wrong with leaving them on the Platinum's RGB controller if you prefer that.


The Commander Pro preset curves run from CPU temperature. If you have an old Sandy Bridge or even Haswell CPU, you might never notice and things sit quiet at idle. None of the recent CPUs from Intel or AMD do that anymore. Your 10900 will jump around at idle all the time and fan speed with it. You want off the presets as quickly as possible. See the post here: https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=200694


The H100i (v2/Pro/Plat./XT) runs its fans from coolant temperature and thus you don't get the needless fan ramping. That is a quick and easy fix for the rest of the case fans as well.

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