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For Total War Series: Any way to program one key 1-6?


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One thing with the Total War games, they could use more hotkeys. One particular one is would be a "next group" button. As game stands now, you program combat groups, typically 6, and recall em simply by pressing "1", "2", "3" etc and it would be so great in the heat of battle to have one key that "counts" 1-6. Then you could quickly search through your groups to survey what is happening. Really helps with player to player battles which can become a clickfest.


They have a "next unit" button, but you can have 20-30 units, so its not as efficient. They never included a "next group", dont know why.


Any ideas? Thanks everyone!!

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Hi, I mean the keyboard numbers 1-0, not the keypad. I K95 Cherry Red keys, great board. Would love to program say the G12 key to "count", ie it press once, its 1, press again, its 2, press again, its 3 etc all the way up to 6. Hope this is possible, I tried to do with macro keys but no luck.
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