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Is it possible to connect 8 fans to iCUE?


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Hello there,

Ive built this PC like 9 months ago, but I never exactly finished everything...

Basically Im running Corsair 680x tower with 8 Corsair RGB fans ( 3x LL120, 5x LL140)


I have managed to connect 6 of them to my lightning node and the pre-built hub that comes with the tower and of course my commander pro...aaand needless to say, works like a charm.


Which leaves me with 2 fans that I connected to my MB (MSI MEG z390 ACE) for power only, not sure what to do with LEDs. Ive seen similar and almost identical builds on youtube that managed to light all the fans up but I cannot figure it out. I assume I could connect it to my MB somewhere but other than it sucking esthetically, I can assume I wouldnt have any kind of control since it wouldnt work with iCUE that way. Thats of course just my guess.


Anyone had a similar situation or has a suggestion or a solution for me ?

Gonna disassemble it in a few days so I was hoping I could finally finish it 100%.


Thank you !


Edit : And yeah, Im aware I could buy another commander pro but it doesnt sound like a viable solution to me.

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Couldn't you add lighting nodes that came with your fans to control rgb and connect them to your commander pro? Thats how I added rgb control to additional.


I have 6 fans, commander pro, 2 lightning nodes (came with fans), argb cpu water block, argb EK distro plate and case front led strip. If you wanted to you could run splitters off your commander pro for fans if you dont mind them spnning at same speed as the one they are paired with.


Just got done with new build a week or so ago. Going thru now and debugging everything. Good luck with yours!

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