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Issues with HX1200 can anyone help?


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I recently bought switched my TX850 out for an HX1200 but couldn't get the PC to boot.


It seemed like the PSU wasn't powering my CPU. MB lights and fans all came on fine.


When I switched back to the TX850 everything was fine again.


Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Make sure you are using the cables that came with the HX1200 and that everything is properly seated and you are using the correct cable for the right connectors.


Hi, thanks for your reply.


I'm using the cables which came wit the PSU.


The issue seems to be the CPU power, I've tried both cables but no joy. My Asus Q code shows '00' which is the same as if I don't connect the power to the CPU at all.

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That's strange. So the TX still works, but the HX does not?


What does the 8-pin connector say on the side of the connector? Type 4? Is there a part number?


The side going into the MB says CPU, to the PSU says 30-0 00370

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And who did you contact? I was a little confused about that when you originally explained it to us.


Should just go here: https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Do you have a ticket number already?


Ticket number #2003638710


Yes i have a ticket number since 12/10, last reply since 16/10 will wait a few more days as it's the weekend. I originaly asked for a refund but this seems to fall on deaf ears and was offered an advanced RMA which in the end i agreed too as long as i get a new unit and not a refurb and one from a different batch. If they had just agreed to a refund i could have bought another psu days ago and this would be all sorted out as the psu was only fitted on 10/10 and was bought 2 weeks prior. 3 people have been checking this ticket & one was a guy who deals with the UK/FR which i thought would speed things up but no. So as you can understand it seems to be a long drawn out process just get a returns label to be able to send the psu back and get a refund?


Edit, looks like this is has now been sorted.



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