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2020 Dark Core RGB Pro SE Qi mouse won't charge on MM1000


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As the title says, my NEW, 2020 model mk2 version of the Dark Core RGB Pro SE Qi charging mouse, no matter what I do, will NOT charge on the MM1000 mouse mat Qi charging spot.

Before everyone chimes in saying "your not putting it in the right position"....

I can assure you all I have tried every possible on the mouse pad.


The Green LED on the MM1000 starts blinking once every second (as it should) yet the charging symbol on the mouse battery icon on the start bar does not appear. Nor does the LED behind the mouse wheel turn green.


The only way the mouse will charge is using the included USB-C cable OR using the MM1000's included charging puck with the USB-C adaptor plugged into the mouse, then placed on the Qi spot.


Can somebody from Corsair or an Admin with knowledge of this issue please respond, before I am forced to RMA a perfectly working mouse (otherwise) due to it not functioning as described!


If I'm doing something wrong, then I'll hold my hands up and admit that I got it wrong but after spending nearly a whole day messing about I'm now at my wits end!


Lastly, I have done a mouse reset (as per Corsairs instructions on the website) and I am also running the latest version of IQUE (3.34.161).


Thanks in advance.

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