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Water Damage to a Few LEDs. Need to Find the Culprit


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I decided to clean my board. After pulling off all the caps, I used a toothbrush and mildly soapy water to scrub the surface of the board. I didn't think I used so much water that it would cause a problem, but I was wrong apparently.


After putting everything back together, I noticed the colors were off on a few keys.


CAPS LOCK, A, S, D, V, B, N, M


All of these seem to be on a shared circuit. The problem seems to be with BLUE and is more pronounced at lower light levels. A max brightness the higher voltage seems to be able to "push through" whatever corrosion may have occurred. I can get it too look close to correct by using a different color profile for those keys and compensating for the "off" color.


I obviously tried drying everything out. I removed the back of the keyboard and hit all the nooks with compressed air, I hit the keyboard with a hair dryer, I even baked the board in the oven at 175F for an hour. Nothing made any difference.


I'm going to try an alcohol bath next but I'd like to know which component may be causing the problem. Does anyone have knowledge of the circuit so that I can pinpoint the problem component causing the key group above to have issues?

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  • Corsair Employee

Hi Sharpbarb,


We should try doing the related software/firmware steps here just in case something got reset by a short-circuit with the liquid.




If the above doesn't work, please open a ticket with support and include a photo of the back of your keyboard, and they will assist with a hard reset / firmware flash.

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