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Corsair ICUE + K95 Platinum bug! (Critical)


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Corsair ICUE software + K95 Platinum critical bug:

Spamming the Volume Wheel or scroll it quickly sometimes make the keyboard unresponsive. The volume goes either from X volume to 0 or 100.


Extra: The keyboard becomes unusable before you unplug and plug back in the device. Keyboard freezes and Software too. You are not able to press any key on keyboard. The Windows Volume OSD is stuck on screen. If you try to turn down the audio with your mouse the sliders goes quickly up/down to 0 or 100% volume.


Software: The software crashes if you enter it. Sometimes it doesn't when a red triangle appear on the K95 Platinum banner (You are not able to press the banner to enter device settings)

If you try to perform firmware update the update is stuck on 3% and then fails. The K95 Platinum disappears from the device list and doesn't comes back before restarting software or unplug and plug back in the device.



The issue doesn't appear with Corsair ICUE closed.

Newest version of firmware and Software is installed.

Windows 10 is fully updated.

Chipset drivers is also updated directly from AMD.


I am not angry... I am just very disappointed.

An update cannot be released fast enough. Scroll wheel is unstable.

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