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Corsair NVMe M.2 SSD 4TB not detected

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I have a problem with a newly installed second SSD (Corsair MP510) that is not detected on my Legion 7i. The first SSD is Win 10 boot drive and works fine.



Steps done so far


1) Physically installed the Corsair SSD drive (new) in the free NVMe M.2 slot ; then booted the device without problems


2) Check in Disk Management : the drive is not listed at all, so cannot partition / format


3) Check in device manager -> Disk drives, "scan for hardware changes" : the new SSD didn't show up


4) Check in Bios. Yes, it shows 2 drives !


Slot 1 : the original SSD coming with the laptop (Samsung)


Slot 2 : the newly installed Force MP510


5) Downloaded Corsair SSD toolbox, but it did not see the SSD neither


6) Started in Advanced Bios. Again, the drive is there and can even see it's serial number etc.


- Don't see options that would allow to edit relevant configurations


- Intel RST controller is active (not AHCI). Changing to AHCI gives a scary warning that it will wipe all data, so I keep it on RST.


7) After exiting advanced bios , the Windows immediately run into a BSOD loop with KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE. The only way to revolve this BSOD loop was to physically remove the SSD.


8) Re-installed the SSD (of course not detected , again ...)



So, basically the Bios sees the Force MP510 SSD , meaning it's correctly installed on HW side and the SSD is not defect.


Still, Windows 10 does not find it, but all sees updated (see below for details).



I'm kindly asking if you have an idea what else I could check, or if you resolved a similar situation already? Thank you!



Best regards




Machine : Legion 7i , 15IMHg05


SSD drive : Corsair MP510, NVMe SSD M.2 2280 form factor


Windows 10, Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.508), check for Windows update is empty list


Storage Controller : Intel® Chipset SATA/PCIe RST Premium Controller (, driver date 23.Apr.2020 - up to date)


Lenovo update : everything updated

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