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Suggestion, action keys able to put text into clipboard and paste


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I have this issue where games will not take text input from my K95 action keys.

The games will take hotkey input fine, but not text.


I sometimes have a long text string i would like to input into the game, but therefore are not able to.


Since the game will accept hotkeys like ctrl + v fine, then i have the following suggestion for a new feature for the actions library.


Have the icue software support that a defined text string is input to the windows clipboard and then execute a hotkey action like ctrl + v for pasting.

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In this case it is trying to have a ‘long’ text put into the console command interface in Company of heroes.

I have tried this both via the K95 icue software and the software from a Stream deck. Pasting from clipboard works, also input as hotkey works. But not Text. Manually typing from the keyboard works fine.


As a check i tried changing the input delay between characters, but it did not make it work.


Googling, it seems to be an issue that others also experience in general with macro keyboards. And i have also experienced this myself with other games in the past.



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