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ICUE freaks out when alt+tabbing from fullscreen app


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This has been happening since day one of using icue and corsair lighting and im finally fed up enough to ask for help.


If im in game or watching a movie/show, anything fullscreen, and alt+tab for whatever reason all my lighting literally frreaks out and cannot be restored until I force close icue from system tray and restart the app. It doesnt even change the profile, all the lights begin to strobe? Some lights dont even come on, everything just goes to absolute ****. Icue is not unresponsive at this point, I can mess around in the software but any setting i choose has no effect until i force close and restart. I am having to restart Icue every damn 10 min cause the distraction from the PC is overwhelming. After restarting Icue sets the correct profile and all is good...until alt+tabbing again.

I do have 3 monitors so not sure if theres a bug with that


I went with corsair specifically for the sync between ram,fans and strips, but its never worked right or ever works when i need it to. Can anyone relate or give some troubleshooting? Pretty sure my ver is up to date, I update when prompted.


6 leds strips

6 ML120 pro rgb

4x Vengence rgb dimm


Thanks for any help guys

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