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M65 Pro onboard profile issue


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Hello everyone,


So i would like to :

- create a profile where the sniper button is deactivate

- have this profile running on the mouse without iCUE running in background


I did a firmware reset (pressing left & right click, unplug, plug back wait 5 sec).


When i click on the button to "Save Static Lightining, DPI and Performance to Device" everything seems to go fine.


However :

When I right click on iCUE icon to exit the software, my mouse resets to another configuration :

- different colours are been displayed

- and sniper button activated again


I also try to "force the firmware update", but it doesn't change anything.


Any idea on how to fix this ?


Thanks for your time & your help !

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Deactivate or "disabled" is a software feature. There is no way to tell the mechanical button not to send a signal in a hardware mode. However, there is a work-around for the sniper button for what you want to do. When in HW mode, it will revert back to its native function of lowering the DPI. What you need to do is change the Sniper DPI setting to match the default DPI setting. This way if you accidentally hit it, the DPI remains at your set level.


Don't keep forcing a firmware update. Eventually that will turn out badly. You can only save static colors to M65 Pro. Pick what you want in any software profile. Change the sniper setting for the active DPI for the mouse to match your default setting, then click the drop down menu and the save to the device action. There is no confirmation "saved" for the older Pro series.

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