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Auto Audio Repositioning feature in iCUE for CORSAIR Headsets

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Some of you using CORSAIR Headsets may have noticed a new feature in one of our latest iCUE updates called "Auto Audio Repositioning" when adjusting settings on the home page for the headset.




When an application plays 8 channel stream, we apply our surround sound in multi-channel mode to it. When it is 2 channel stream, we apply our surround sound in 2 channel mode to it. This applies to 2.0, 5.1, and 7.1.


However, some applications feed us 8 channel stream, but in fact play only stereo, and we detect this. It's a problem with applications like Chrome/Youtube that despite registering the source as multichannel, the actual audio stream is two channel. To compensate for this, we change Dolby Headphone / 7.1 Nahemic surround depending on the actual stream content rather than its channels number and currently this is always on. But since some users report issues with this feature, we allowed them to disable it through "Auto Audio Repositioning". This will also solve some of the sound problems with games like Overwatch, for example.


TL;DR: We recommend to leave this feature on to get the most of your surround sound, but if you have issues with audio from certain applications that don't work well with surround sound because of how they stream multi-channel audio in two channel mode, you can disable it.

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