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K68 repeating keys


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I have a K68 keyboard


When I press the acute key randomly this key repeat itself like this:



I plugged another keyboard on my computer and it works OK like this:



I’m from brazil and here we heavily use the acute key


Already plugged this keyboard on another computer, did the reset (pressing ESC while plugging on usb port, keyboard flashed ok)


The firmware is current 3.08


Is there anything else that I can do before RMA?


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Hello coelho,


Give these steps a shot, as it could be associated with a corruption with the iCUE software or a macro inside it -- particularly in this article, check out the "REPAIR iCUE" steps:




If no luck, I would proceed with contacting Tech Support for a potential RMA.

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coelho, I have a similar issue. Suddenly the 1 thru 0 number keys would not work, and hitting any other key would generate a repeating string of characters.


Exchanged via RMA and the replacement has similar issues.


Did you RMA the kK68 and what was the result?




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