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I'm having a couple issues with iCUE software. Hopefully someone can help me. Firstly here is the hardware I am attempting to control with the software.


1. Corsair iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX

2. Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32 GB



I understand using linked profiles for making them all look the same, which works pretty well, but how do I set them so when the computer locks they all turn off? The only thing I can seem to do is on the H150i is set a hardware profile to make it go to static color of black but all the other light remain on.


The second thing I am trying to do on the H150i is setup my own custom profile for the fans and pump to change speed at certain temps like I use to be able to do in the corsair link program. I can't seem to find it in this one.

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You are on the right track. Hardware lighting options are the default behavior when CUE is not running, like in the Windows lock state.


1) H150i is done. Set pump and fans to black 0,0,0 in CUE.


2) RAM has a hidden hardware mode. Go to CUE settings and select the RAM. Uncheck the 'enable software mode' box. This puts the RAM in hardware mode. Create a static black scheme again. Go back to the CUE settings and re-enable software control.


3) The MB is trickier. When you lock the PC, it also severs the connection between CUE and the Aura/Armory Crate lighting service that really controls it. If you have Aura/Armory Crate installed, CUE settings, uncheck the "enable plugins" option. This releases control back to the Asus program. Open Aura/AC. Same as before, set up a static black in the main profile. Sync on shutdown will apply to the S3 and hard off states, not this. Close Aura and go back to CUE and re-enable the plugin box.


This will make all three devices go dark any time CUE is not running. That includes boot and shutdown.




For fan control. Go to the AIO device picture in CUE. Click on the Performance tab (left side). Then click the + to create a custom cooling curve. A graph should appear at the bottom. The next part I am going to assume is the same as all other aspects of the Corsair system, but I don't have an Elite to do this on. In the top right corner of the graph will be three premade shapes that correspond to the Quiet/Balanced/Extreme curves. You can click on one to give you a starting point, then either drag the point or enter the X:Y values manually in the lower left corner. Sensor choice is and should remain "H150i Temp". That is the coolant temperature.


The pump has three fixed speeds (Low/Med/High) and they are applied via the "fan presets" Quiet/Balanced/Extreme in the same scale. With both the pump and fan settings, click the preset or custom curve on the left first. It will highlight yellow. Then click the fan(s) or pump on the right to apply it. It will ring yellow when applied. This is one of the major changes from Link and it takes a while to remember apply the fan curve to each fan.

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