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LL120 RGB fans not working for Asus Z97A


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Hi everyone,


I've been looking around and this seems to be a common problem.


I purchased the fans yesterday and just assumed they would work on my machine, turns out not to be the case.


I set up all the fans as per instructions and videos, and when I turn the machine on all the fans work, but I get no RBG at all.


I then looked into my Bios and enabled PWM on all my fans to confirm this wasn't an issue, still no RGB.


Ive read that the USB ports I have on the MB are what's stopping the Node being detected by icue, but I would have thought in the least I would have some colour coming out of them, just no ability to control.


Does the USB need to be connected to even get RGB?


I've checked the power Sata cable I'm using and that is all working and has power.


I've got a USB cable on the way that I'm hoping will at least let me get the node connected to the machine and therefore visible in the software.


But my initial question is should I have an colour coming out without the USB?

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So after playing around i've now managed to get some colour to come out of the fans.


I literaly just unplugged them and plugged them in different orders and that seemed to work.


Not all the functioanlity is enabled, but that's due to the USB issue which i'm hoping to solve with a new cable later

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It is important that the cables from the fans are plugged into the RGB splitter in the correct order. So if you have 3 fans, you will need to put them into port 1,2,3. If you put them into port 3,5,6 you will run into issues.


If the internal USB port does not work, then the lighting node PRO has a pretty common USB mini-B port where you can insert a USB to USB Mini-B cable and just insert the USB into your rear IO port. It is a bit of a jerry rigged work-around, but it should work, and the cables are rather cheap. (I believe this is also what you are referring to in your last post)

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