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FSC D1683-A31 with 4 x CMX256A-3200C2


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Hello everbody,


I've been using my Fujitsu-Siemens Board D1683-A31 with Pair of TWINX512-3200C2 since half a year and it worked fine, without any problems.

No I have decided to upgrade my memory to 1GB and bought another pair of TWINX512-3200C2, but all moduls together doesn't work:

Each pair alone working fine, but togehter my board won't start up.

Each single modul iss alright, it works fine in every slot.

I can combine any single modul to a pair in any slot and it works fine, but as soon as I plug in all 4 moduls my board won't start.


My board have the newest BIOS.


Does anybody know something about this problem?


Thanks for Your help!



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