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Ironclaw Wireless tracking


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My Ironclaw Wireless is not able to track movements at any rate greater than about 1 update pre second. Buttons and scroll wheel are operating fine, with no delays. Happens on multiple PCs, with the wireless dongle or using the wire.


I've tried downloading an old iCue and forcing the firmware to update (it was something like mouse 0.9.x), and that had no effect.


This seemed to happen after the last update to iCue and firmware

iCue 3.33.246

Dongle 1.11.52

Mouse 1.16.107


Any ideas? I've already opened a support case, but have not yet recieved a response (though this was yesterday)

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Hi vextanys,


Sorry to hear that the Ironclaw isn't performing as well as expected. By 1 update per second do you mean the cursor only gets tracked about every 1 second? Basically what you're seeing is a laggy cursor that jumps across the screen?


It may be best to try and get a replacement from the store you got it from or request a support ticket from us directly to get a replacement. I'm not sure if this issue is consistent with other units, but I will look into it.

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Yes, tracking the mouse cursor is limited to about 1 update per second, producing big jumps.


Amazon seem to have a 1 month return window and this issue appeared 2 months after purchase. I've already requested a RMA for a replacement, and had the automated response email, and am waiting for further instructions. Hopefully this will be as soon as possible in these unusual times :)

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