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iCUE Driver Download Fail - cab1.cab/cab2/cab3 Errors


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I'm having a hard time getting my drivers to work. I had to remove iCUE software a while back when I suddenly started having issues with the sound on my PC and finally tracked it to having something to do with iCUE.


Now I'm attempting to reinstall hoping maybe something was fixed - but I keep running into cab errors. I've gone in and found all my old Corsair files on my hard drive and removed all of them.


I'm deleting all my temp files now in case there was something in there that was kicking it back and I'll try again, but short of reinstalling my OS I have no clue what's kicking it back.


My fiance uses Corsair and doesn't have any issue with it, I'm just really bummed I can't get the software to download because I want to like the products, as well.

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