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Corsair Dark Core RGB SE Doesn't go sleep mode


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I am doing this post to try and find some help for my Dark Core RGB SE mice.

I'll explain my situation to you: 2-3 weeks ago, I had a problem with the mice, the mice was no longer detected when it was used wirelessly, so I contacted the support and returned my mice in guarantee (I paid 16 € for the shipment from Belgium to Netherlands, which I find aberrant for a shipment under warranty).

They replied by email was that they were checking the problem. A few days later, I received a parcel from Corsair with a new mice in it, they sent me a new Dark Core RGB SE.

I plug it in, everything is fine, the pairing is done, it is recognized, everything is going well, but, there is a new problem, the problem is that the mice does not go to sleep when it is not more affected, I looked on iCUE, I put the mice in "energy saving" mode and I reduced the standby time which is by default from 15 min to 2 min, without touching the mice after 3-4 min, I move it, the cursor moves, which means that the mice had not gone to sleep, since with my previous mice you had to click on the left button to "wake it up "and wake it from" sleep "mode.


So there you are, I turn to you, because I would admit that I do not want to return the mice in warranty and repay 16 € for postage.


Thank you.

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