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K100 rgb


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Got my K100 RGB today at Best Buy....

Gotta say I am over all very happy with the upgrades to the keyboard, like the opto-mechanical switches, how quiet it is, and the wheel for various settings.


Two gripes....


1 - Why can't you let me change the function of the icue button? Why is it the only button you can't customize?


2 - You take all the time to make this new "flagship" keyboard and there isn't anything new in iCue? This was a golden opportunity to make the process of programming lighting effects or keys more intuitive. Its a pain doing anything in iCue. Why couldn't there be a library of functions or at least frameworks that you could drag and drop. iCue really isn't intuitive.


Noodle on that Corsair please...



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1) You should be able to and that is advertised on the product page. It's possible you raced home a little too quickly and this is in the next 3.34 version of CUE. You should be able to create a new action (+) and assign it to the knob/wheel. I will ask.


2) I am not sure introducing a new keyboard is the casual moment to completely redesign the software, how it works, how it looks, etc. That is something that likely takes more than a year. If you have specific suggestions, but all means post them. Somebody is probably working on whatever comes next right now.

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