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Corsair HS70 Pro - Static noise + usb noise


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HS70 Pro HeadSet - Static noise + Can't use while charging.

Hello everyone! That's my first time buying Corsair headset, I am absolutely happy with it's sound and build quality, but that static noise when everything is off makes me really mad. Also, when u are connected through USB cable (charging) there is loud noise, like a high pitch drill or something.


Things I tried:


Reinstalling ICuo


Restarting PC


Restarting HeadSet


Another PC


Different USB Ports


Taking out receiver (so headset is not connected to anything, but sound is still here)


Any suggestions? Should I wait for firmware fix? Or I should just return it and get another pair of them?


Thank you!

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If you hear a static noise in your left speaker, It`s a comoon multiple reported isue to corsair from many others users and not solution yet.


I have found that if you up the mic volume to the max in the Icue softwarte the static noise (when no sound is playing) has a cosiderable reduction efect.


Try It and good luck.

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