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Scimitar actions not working?


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Hello, I'm fairly new to ICUE but have not been able to find how to fix an issue I'm having. Trying to assign a Keystroke action of "SHIFT" to my number 8 key. It works in game but its very unlike any other software I've used with other major mouse manufacturers. I can hold down the button and it activates SHIFT but once I click a mouse button it cancels the hold and I have to click the button to activate SHIFT again.


This is quite annoying and I can tell you this problem does not happen when using logitech g-hub on the g600 or the razer synapse with the naga trinity that I own.


I have tried using a macro as well, and I see there are action trigger on press and action repeat. None of these is what I am talking about. I just want the button to "hold" shift when I assign(map) it to the number 8 key on the mouse. Make it act the SAME way it does when I use my keyboard. If there is a way to do this I may have overlooked any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am using up to date firmware, v.3.14 and ICUE software version 3.33.246


Thank you

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