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680X Case: problems with HDD temperature


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I've recently assembled my PC using this beautiful Case.

In the back I've installed three HDDs in the dedicated HDD CAGE.

Running Speccy I see that two of the three HDDs are regularly at 51-52 degrees (in idle). The third, always in idle, does not exceed 42 degrees.

The ambient temperature is 23 degrees.

There are no fans in the back of the CASE (by design).

Is there any way to cool my HDDs better? you have suggestions?


I thank in advance whoever wants to answer me

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All of us just mounted some fans on that side. Some of us have hung them by tie straps. some have 3d printed fan mounts. Metal straps and screwed them in. I actually have an older HD mount with a fan that mounts to the front. I honestly would just get a little creative and do what works best with what you have. But it has never been a high airflow case. That side is basically an easy bake oven with no airflow. That had plenty of room to mount some fans on the front of that big blank area.


I actually wished they would make a new front for it like the newer 4000d have. No one likes taking 25 screws to remove a front glass to get better airflow to the motherboard side. But that is just me being subjective though. It is what it is. I'm sorry about the rambling.

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I am not sure there's enough space between the cage and the frame to squeeze a fan.. but, you can mount fans outside after all :)

If you're not bothered by the looks of it, you could install a couple of fans outside of the case, with a fan grill to save your fingers, just route the cables inside and bob's your uncle. but you'll still have to remove the drives, or the entire cage to screw them from the inside.

I can't remember if they are 80 or 92mm though, i believe the ones i had installed were 92, but worth measuring..


Edit : Noctua (and probably other brands too) has slim 92mm fans with 14mm thickness.. https://www.amazon.com/Noctua-NF-A9x14-Premium-Quiet-92x14mm/dp/B009NQM7V2

You could see if it would fit between te cage and the case.

I wish i could look for you but.. working away from home ^^'

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