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Virtuoso wireless mode robot / clipped audio


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I seem to have found my way around this, but not sure how it got into this state.


People were complaining my voice sounded like a robot, and I found when I switched to USB mode I sounded better. Today, I was hearing this same issue in my earphones, and again USB mode solved it.


I tried Youtube and the audio sounded fine there, it was only in my conference app. So I started playing around with settings.


What I found was this:

- Right-click speaker by clock

- Open sound settings

- Device properties

- Additional Device properties

- Spatial sound tab


In this tab, if I change it from "Off" to "Windows Sonic for Headphones" the audio problem went away and is no longer distorted. If I changed it back to "Off" the problem came back.


Not sure if it is known, but thought I should post in case others hit this.


Windows 10 64-Bit Version 2004 (19041.508)

Dongle Firmware v. 0.16.80

Firmware v. 0.17.149



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