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Where to get Obsidian 550D Front Door Swivel Replacement Clips?


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So I'm rebuilding my computer in my Obsidian 550D case, and one of the swivel clips for the front door has been broken for awhile now.


I've looked all over the web, but this item:


SKU CC-8930191 - Obsidian Series™ 550D Front Door Swivel Replacement Clips 50pcs Bulk


... doesn't seem to be available. I've written to Corsair support, but I doubt these are available anymore.


Anyone know of a good place I might be able to find these? I see some used cases available, but I'd rather not have to buy a whole new case just to get a few of these clips.


My last resort will be seeing if there's some fab shop or local maker who could craft me some of these, I guess, if they're not available.


- Tim

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