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iCue Loosing Control of ASUS devices


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I'm dealing with asus device issue too. What have you tried so far?

Im on an older P9X79 Deluxe and I tried turning off the Q Fan controls in UEFI. Set to manual, initially helped , but not the way I needed it to. Same with Fan Xpert.


My main issue is lack of control for the pump speed, and almost and inconsistent temperatures screwing with the fan speed and high cpu usage from the app itself.


The biggie I want to correct is a particular sensor saying CPU Fan RPM (but should say pump or motor) is anywhere from 4000rpm up to 10,000rpm. Obviously that's wrong, I think my case would turn into SpaceX otherwise... It does read the fans mounted to the radiator correct though and their speed is adjustable SOMETIMES by doing Custom setting and setting RPM or Load to 2500rpm/100%.

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