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Corsair One Pro GPU crashing every 15-20 minutes


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I have a Corsair One Pro with 1080Ti that's only a month old, but it's started to have the same problem described in these posts:





Temps are all normal and fine, everything under 60C. Running any software that uses the GPU causes a crash in less than 30 minutes, usually with the blocks on the screen. Sometimes with the screen black. Sometimes it's recoverable, and only the game crashes, sometimes it's not recoverable and I have to force the entire to shut down and reboot.





Things I have tried:


- Reinstalling Windows 10 from scratch

- Using the default Windows 10 Nvidia drivers

- Installing GeForce Experience and using the latest drivers

- Turning the resolution and graphics quality in the game all the way down

- Running a game in VR

- Running a game not in VR

- Unplugging every accessory except the monitor, keyboard, and mouse


Nothing I've done has made a difference, the GPU always crashes in less than 30 minutes.


I opened a support ticket last week (#2003596257), but haven't heard anything back.


Is there anything else I can try? Do I just have to give up and replace it?

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This seems to be the most current thread on this issue so adding some comments here.


I've got an older Corsair One that has worked like a dream for years. Over the past few weeks I have experienced the same pixelated screen followed by a crash when playing most games. Some games last as little as 3 minutes (Railway Empire - I have a ticket open with the developer but no solution yet) and some games last for hours before crashing (Civ VI for example).


The big change recently is an upgrade to Windows 10. I'm now on build 19042.685 aka 20H2. There were multiple install failures for recent major Win10 version upgrades so I don't think I had upgrade for over a year. Finally did a manual install for this current version that took. I cannot help but think it's a Windows compatibility issue.


Are there known compatibilty issues between earlier CorsairOne builds (and in particular with the 1080 Ti as that seems to be a common thread) and the current Windows build?

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