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Hydro XD5 RGB Pump with Asus ROG Strix Helios Case

Philipp L.

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Hi Community,


I would like to build a custom loop with the XD5 and the Asus Strix Helios Case.




According to the Corsair configurator it's possible to mount the pump into the case. On the package content of the case there is a pump bracket included. Are I'm able to use this bracket with the XD5 or do I need to mount it onto the vertical front radiator.



Page 2 and 22




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Afraid it's not possible to tell if you will be able to utilize the pump bracket from the ASUS Strix Helios case since there is no information about the cut-out hole pattern on the included pump bracket.

According to the XD5 QSG on page 10, the cut-out hole pattern should be 55x55mm.


Either way, you will be able to install the XD5 to the front radiator/fans. Everything needed for such installation is enclosed with the XD5 unit.

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Hey there bud,


I am running the XD5 pump in my build. To kinda answer your question, the brackets that comes in the package are used to mount where a 120mm or 140mm fan would go. There is also a seating kind of bracket that hold the pump. That seating bracket attaches to the mounting bracket which allows for (upwards & downwards) or (left and right) adjustments.


I'm not familiar with your case, however if you know that your cases pump mount screw holes line up exactly with either a 120mm or 140mm fan then you should be set to use that pump mounting area.


If it the cases pump mount screw holes arent fan sizes, then there is another option. The back of the XD5 seating bracket has mounting holes on the back side that are shorter in length but im not exactly sure the distance between the screw holes. I can upload a picture if youd like.

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