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Brief feedback on the T3 Rush!


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I recently purchased the T3 Rush, and am enjoying it very much! It's significantly more comfortable than I honestly anticipated. I did quite a bit of research beforehand, and heard mixed reviews about "gaming" style chairs, as well as constantly being heckled to get a Herman Miller. (Not willing to spend $1k on a chair.)


The fabric is very plush, and worked well as I don't really enjoy the texture/feel of faux leather anyhow. While it would have been nice to have built in lumbar support similar to the Secretlab, the lumbar pillow works surprisingly great and never shifts around. I could see how including that would add significantly to the cost also.


For my size (5'9/165lbs) it works really well. I could see for larger people how the seat style could be uncomfortable, as the sides rise up right outside of my hip area. But for me, fits like a glove.


I felt the price was really fair as well. $300 is a good price for the quality you get. I had been eyeing a few of the Noblechair and Secretlab offerings, but they started to get upward of $4-500 for what I wanted, which was a little steep. (Why fabric costs more than faux leather on some of them, idk.)


The only two noticeable caveats I've found were:


1. While the base works as intended and looks good, I feel at the price point it should be constructed of metal instead of plastic for a more premium feel.


2. The arms don't feel super secure. Mine loosened quite a bit during shipping and such, and I had a allen wrench of the proper size to tighten them up without issue. Even at full tightness though, I think they could use a little more work.


3. Instead of screwing on the cover where the back attaches to the base, you should have magnetic covers so everything looks seamless. It would be easier, and look better and more premium.


That being said, I'm really enjoying the T3, and just wanted to say thanks! Hope you're all well!

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