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I am not sure I completely understand what you want to do. If you mean "can I copy HW profiles to software profiles", the answer is no. There are coded differently with no cut & paste library swapping. You will have to re-create them.


If you mean "can I move lighting patterns you have created from one software profile to another", the answer is yes. In the drop down menu in the Lighting Effects tab, there is a "copy to library" button (or you can drag it there). Then go to new profile and either drag it back to the effects panel or use the same feature to copy it to the profile. This is useful for moving around complex gradients/waves that are a pain to recreate.


However in general, since most people end up using the same fan settings and key re-maps for multiple profiles, it's often easier to duplicate the entire profile, alter lighting for the new one and rename it. I still do this as a starting point most of the time, even if the lighting is going to be different since it saves me having to redo macros and fans. In the main profile menu next to the top profile name and the +, click the drop down menu and select "copy profile". It will create "copy of profile A" and place it at the bottom of the list. I also do this sometimes when editing a particular profile and I want to see how changes play out without overwriting the original work. You can do this within the profile as well, but this makes an easy work space to mess around and I can wipe it all if it doesn't work out or rename it something else if it does.

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