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Terrible smell from softline tubing *Safety Concern*


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Just finished a new build and went with Corsair products this time around instead of my usual EK and Primochill.


After the cooling system warmed up, started to get this awful chemical smell. After poking(smelling) around, I found it to be coming from the softline tubing included from using the cooling system configurator.

I then took some extra that I had and put it front of a heat gun that I can dial the heat on. I set it to 36º (the water temp reported from sensor in pump/res) and proceeded to heat it. I verified the actual temp of the tubing with a Fluke IR thermometer.

This plastic/vinyl is emitting an awful smell once it has heated it. I can smell it in other rooms upstairs if I have been gaming for a while.


So, what gives, Corsair? My last build with Primochill tubing never make this smell. I'm asking if this is safe to be smelling/inhaling. Is this vinyl chloride? Even if it is safe, why was this plastic/vinyl chosen instead of something that emits far less chemical? My understanding is that any plastics/pvc/vinyl emissions are toxic.

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Usually it's a sign it's leeching / venting plasticizers. It's usually bad for watercooling because it contaminates the water in the long run and creates gunk in the blocks fins.

The brands you quoted use food grade PVC tube. I personally use EK soft tubing and yea it never smells. What you describe reminds me of my shower hose that stinks like a **** once hot water flows..


I doubt Corsair would cheap out and willingly sell that kind of cheap tube for a premium. Never heard of such issues in the forums either. so, could be worth contacting support because it could be a bad batch or something.

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