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Scimitar side buttons


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i have a problem with the side buttons on my scimitar mouse. i have had this mouse since it came out (i pre ordered it), and i never had a issue with what i am about to say.


the problem i am having is when i hold down one of the side buttons for PTT, it releases if i click the mouse or touch a button on the keyboard. as i have already said, this was never a issue before, but now when i am in a game, if i happen to click to fire at the same time as holding my PTT button, it releases the button i am holding.


i have tested in other applications just to see if it was a problem with just discord or not. i have also tested other key binds for it, along with imitate key holding and toggle. toggle works, but i do not want to click the button twice just to use PTT. i even tried holding down the button on the keyboard its self and i have no issues doing that.


i am using the newest version of ICUE if that helps.


any help would be appreciated.

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