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iCue changing/deleting actions once computer restarts


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Hello all,


I understand iCue is not entirely user-friendly, but I'm trying to figure out if my issue is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong.


So I have a K63 wireless keyboard with iCue (3.33.246) set up on my computer. When iCue was first installed I set up two profiles, each one has a different lighting effect and that's it. I have set up a Profile Switching action to switch between the two which works perfectly when iCue is running and the actions are set-up.

My issue starts once the computer is turned off then on again or is restarted. Once I'm logged back on my profiles no longer work, or rather the profile switching does not work. I will open iCue and see that the actions for the profile switch are no longer set as "Switch to next profile from list", they are switched to "Direct profile selection".


This happens every time the computer turns off, and I have to make this change every time I turn on my computer. I find this incredibly annoying; I understand needing iCue to be open for the profile switches to work (if that is the case), but there's no reason why my actions are altered. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a save option I have overlooked? Is my version of iCue up-to-date? Any help would be greatly appreciated; I like the keyboard but having this issue resolved would make it that much better.

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