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Boot drive is dying


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I have the following config from 2018:


Corsair ONE PRO Ti

Intel Core i7-7700K


SSD M.2 480GB


Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti


For the past few weeks I have been getting random BSODs, sometimes booting into UEFI and not windows. This morning the m.2 drive disappeared completely from UEFI. I opened up the PC and adjusted cables and whatnot, nothing was obviously loose or anything. After plugging back everything I can boot into windows again but as soon as I have more than a web browser running I get a BSOD in 5-10 minutes.


I ran window's RAM check and it found no issues so it seems that indeed the m.2 boot drive is failing.


What should I do now?


EDIT: Would a 970 PRO 512GB MZ-V7P512 be a proper replacement? Size, temperature tolerance, etc...

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Unfortunately i need the machine in working condition asap before i lose my clients and thus my income. Can you give me any advice regarding the disassembly and m.2 replacement?


I ordered a samsung 970 1Tb. When i get it i will try to start the pc again, hopefully it will run long enough to clone the boot drive to the 970 attached via an usb dongle. (Btw both the corsair diagnostic and the windows checkdisk found no errors on c: )


Then a guy i hired will disassemble the One and install the 970. Hopefully it will work afterwards... (If i keep getting bsods the same way then it's probably mobo and i'm truly screwed...)


So yeah, that's the plan at least, we'll see how it goes.

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