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Unknown Lighting Issue

Saber Prower

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I just recently made an account to share this and hopefully see some answers quickly. I've had my K70 RGB for almost 3 years now, I've had one spill on it, but I managed to remedy it. But now it has started to show an ugly lighting problem. See I normally use a slow pulse blue profile. But out of nowhere it just, changed across the whole keyboard. It went from a nice pulsing blue, to a sta0tic array of easter blues, pinks and oranges! EUCGH! Warmer colors edge on the ESC to the E keys while the rest of it is covered in the other cooler colors, does anyone know wtf is going on with my keyboard? I'm in the process of updating my firm and software.



EDIT: Updating the Firm/Software seemed to work, but would still like to pinpoint the problem origin.


EDIT 2: The problem emerged immediately after I started playing The Witcher 3. Game probably isn't related.


FINAL EDIT: I figured it out and boy did I feel stupid after I did! So I use wallpaper engine, an animated background app from Steam, I hadn't realized it at first but I had just changed it to a witcher theme. The selected theme had the ability to ENABLED LED EFFECTS. The keyboard tried to replicate the animated background by simulating it in the colors I described! So if anyone sees this and has wallpaper engine, DISABLE THE LED EFFECTS!

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