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iCue Tanked my Corsair RGB Fans


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I just completed my Obsidian 500D build, which comes with 3 RGB fans from corsair and their RGB hub/power hub. After I built the machine, every RGB element in it was working and flashing through rainbow colors.


Today we installed AURUS and were able to control a few components. We then downloaded and installed iCUE and as soon as it was started all 5 of my fans immediately went dark. No matter what settings we changed in the software, we couldn't get them to turn back on.


I uninstalled both AURUS and iCUE, restarted the machine and nothing. My RGB fans do not light up. The motherboard and CPU cooler/RAM still light up, but no fans. My fans are also running much louder than they were before we installed and then uninstalled the software.


This is my first PC build ever. I appreciate any help you guys have to offer as I have no idea where to begin, and the guy who installed the lighting software is someone with far more experience than I have. Sorry if this has already been covered a dozen times.

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