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Software v3.33.246 Voice prompt spam


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Headset: Void PRO wireless RGB


Whenever I lower or lift my mic the voice prompt says "mic off/on". Since the latest iCUE software update 3.33.246 however, it says that and also adds "Mic feedback on/off" which makes it incredible spammy.. :confused: I'm going to turn it off for now but even the simple sounds are spamming double commands. I tried soft reset and restart of my pc but no luck.


Edit: A second restart fixed it. Idk why :) Also how in the lords name do I delete this thread? :)

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Mine will constantly do it some times. I will be playing a game and it will keep repeating "Mic on". It has gotten so bad that I have tossed them across the room and went back to a $5 pair of wired headphones until I can get a better wireless pair.



I have a feeling the issue is with the cheap wireless dongle.

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