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2 x PC3200 512MB Value Memory needs RMA


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Here is my setup,


MSI PT880 Neo Mobo and Intel 3Ghz CPU

2 x PC3200 512MB Value Memory

Allied 450Watts PSU


The mobo bios set at default, and also optimal.

Here is the problem, I get random reboots and random error message for various programs that the program will get shut down. some times even at browsing the file explorer.


Since the mobo was a cheap one and the PSU wasn't a name brand so I switched to a whole new system, my new setup is:


Gigabyte 8IPE1000-Pro-G Mobo and Intel 3Ghz-E CPU

2 x PC3200 512MB Value Memory (same memories from above)

Antec TruePower 380 Watt PSU.


With mobo bios set a default and also optimal, I still gets the dreaded reboots and random crash of different programs, so I decided to remove 1 of the memory, and same thing.. and removed the other one and it still does it.


and I am really tired of the problem, especially playing online games. I decided to get a different brand of memory, so far I have been running those memories for about 3 weeks now, and so far without a problem yet (Knock on the wood).


However, I still want those memory to be RMAed so I can put them in to get 2GB of memory.. :D



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