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TX850M vs HX750i for new build (including RTX3080)


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Hi everyone,


I am planning to set up a new machine.


I am most likely going to go with either the new ZEN3 or Intel 10900k in combination with an RTX3080. I do plan to overclock everything (with H115i AIO on the CPU).


My 5 years old HX750i is driving my current build. I have recently obtained a second hand TX850M that hasn't been used more than 3 months in total.


Placing them side by side the HX750i looks like a much beefier, with a lot more connections in comparison to the TX850.


Would any of these work for the new build or should I instead go for a new HX850i to keep the peace of mind?

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The HX750i is and always will be the better of the two.


On the Corsair hierarchy, HXi > RM > TX-M.


Will the age be a problem for this unit?


Also, thank you so much for taking the time to respond. I remember reading your awesome review of that unit. That actually made me get it. Thank you so much for your efforts and keep on rocking man :headbang:

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