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Spare or Replacement Parts - Australia


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Sorry if this has already been asked/answered in the forum previously. I have spent along time searching the internet and here for the answer to quite a simple question.


Where do we get spare or replacement parts for Corsair products in Australia?


I just built my new PC and upgraded from a Crystal 460x RGB to the 465x and relalised that I can't locate my HDD cage or trays for the old 460x (It was M.2 only so I removed it). Since I am building another system in this case which will have a sata SSD and a HDD, I need to locate a spare cage and trays.


As previously stated - have been searching but can not locate anywhere here and of course - none of the Corsair spare part sites post to Australia.


A few years ago I had the same problem for a client with the broken front of a 460D Case and after some to and from from support, they posted me one out.


I am a Corsair fanboy and use/advise clients to use Corsair only so I guess 2 questions for Corsair or anyone else that knows the answers.


1. How can I buy what I need? i.e. 1 x 460x HDD cage and 2 trays?

2. Will Corsair ever organise a complete spare parts division to or from Australia?


Regards and many thanks,



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Thanks for your reply but it is rather frustrating that Corsair refuses to comply with section 58 of the ACL by having spare parts available. Their convoluted methods of spare parts supply is difficult at best. For the example I listed above, it took weeks and it wasn't till I mentioned section 58 of the Australia Consumer Law that they sent the part.


I know people, including myself, are willing to pay (exorbitant prices if required) for acess to these parts, so I strongly believe that it is time that Corsair eithor creates an Australian site for purchase or allows postage from the US site.


Considering that they already post to Australia for items requested from their US support site, I see no reason why they can't allow the latter.



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