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BSODs caused by Light Enhancement KIT


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This week, after waking up my pc from sleep, i got a Bsod. When this happend i saw that my memory leds were doing weird.


I tested all memory with Memtest86+. At 25% i get alot of errors.


When i removed all Led Kit dummies, i did another test with only my real memory.


I got no warnings from memtest86+, when testing only with the real memory.

So somehow the LED KIT is causing bsods, because when i put it back, i get bsods directly again. Ive bought 2 sets of 2 on Amazon. So i have 4 dummy modules.


The LED KIT worked great from March until yesterday. I got a small suspicion that it maybe got broken by when the computer goes into sleep, because when i put the pc in sleep mode, all RGB leds are going off, except the memory. They stay on in sleep mode.


I made a support ticket for RMAing the LED Kit. Dunno if there are more ppl who have this. If you have alot of bsods, try testing the memory.

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