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Corsair 280X, H110x 4x120MM fan layout


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Hello all,


I have a 280X with a front mounted H100x 240mm AIO, I also have 2x 120m fans installed as exhaust in the top.


In order for this to fit correctly I have had to flip the radiator from what I consider to be the normal orientation so that he braided hoses are the the bottom of the case, if i dont do this there is not enough clearance to install the second 120mm fan at the top (it doesn't clear the hose fittings).


I have seen a number of post and reviews that indicate that mounting the radiator the right way up (hoses at the top) with 2x 120mm fans installed at the top of the case is possible.


Do just need a different AIO? am I missing something?


FYI - The reason I ask is because I want the hoses at the top so they do not interfere with the GPU (my new 3080 will be a lot longer than by 2070 mini)

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