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2 Problems with my K70 Mk.2 Rapidfire Speed keyboard i bought


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So i bought this K70 Mk.2 Rapidfire Speed keyboard about a month ago and ive been loving the quality of the keyboard. that being said it has been having a couple of very off turning problems, some have been solved some havent.

the current problems im aware of and am trying to fix are as follows:


Firstly, sometimes when i turn my PC on to my surprise the keyboard doesnt light up. upon checking the iCue software i see that the keyboard is not recognized and i need to replug it into my pc. my question is how do i fix this problem? maybe a driver? maybe a faulty cable that waranty could take care of? would appreciate help


Secondly, sometimes when i scroll using the media volume scroll wheel it gets stuck and i cant do anything while it is stuck, leading me to have to restart my PC or replug the keyboard. my questions regarding this problem is how do i either prevent this from happening in the future or when it does happen, how do i fix it without needing to at the very least replug my keyboard.


All help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

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