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Corsair One (1080) DIY Revamp w/ 'modern' internals.


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Can it be done?


Original Corsair One Case (usb & HDMI at the top front)

i7 7700k CPU

GTX 1080 GPU


Target build: A new Watercooled 3080/3090 and a Mobo & CPU upgrade to boot.


This would require a full reworking of the internals. Can it be done?


Corsair - are you able to help? I'm in NZ so 'taking my machine to an official "corsair repair shop" is a bit harder to do over here.


HAS it been done? Aside from the dimensional puzzle for the GPU and re-plumbing the existing Radiator AIO into a new GPU w/ a waterblock and small pump. What have people on this forum done with their 'old' C1's with a 1070/1080 card?


My other consern was the existing PSU which will need taking up to 750W.

Currently its sitting at the top of the machine w/ the CPU beneath it. I know corsair have re-worked the 'newer' machines with the PSU at the bottom, but I'd like to know why? Was this for thermals? Geometry w/ modern cards? Geometry I could try and find a work around, but thermals would be an issue.


Corsair, are you able to supply a revised radiator AIO compatable w/ the modern cards?


I'm sure some of you reading this would think, just sell the case and buy a new corasir when it comes out, but for the engineer within me seems like a waste! Also Cosair pushed the 'it's upgradable' line on initial release.


Yup, it's a challenge. But has anybody tried this themselves with the older C1 cases? Any mods at all? I'd be interested to hear about. :)

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