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PSU Cable Compatibility chart help regarding upgrade (RM650x > RM850x)


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With the new RTX 3080 having a recommended PSU of 750w I am thinking of upgrading my current RM650x to a RM850x for the overclock headroom and future proofing. Would like to know if cables are compatible?


I am unsure if having the "v2"/2018 refresh models matters either?


From reading the chart the best I can gather is that all the "RMx" are fully interchangeable between different wattage models. The only time I would need to replace them is if I was swapping between lineups(example AX > RMx)


For some more info I believe the model number of my current RM650x is CP-9020091-AU and the RM850x that I would be purchasing is CP-9020180-AU


Thanks for any help!

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