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Still no method for default rainbow wave through ICUE?


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Hello and apologies in advance, haven been lurking for a few hours now and have yet to find a good solution to this lol.



Long story short, I am looking to completely reset my QL120 fan profiles to their factory default rainbow wave.



I've tried many suggestions through the forum ranging from making my own profiles in ICUE, adjusting color changing speed, and disconnecting my lighting nodes and commander pros. Can never achieve a similar result to that of the original rainbow wave :/



As of now I have ICUE still uninstalled (have been at it for a couple of weeks now whenever I had the time to play around with settings).



I think every thread I have seen was from 2019, including some posts where members had said that a team from Corsair was beginning to or going to look into the "matter" of possibly adding the original rainbow setting.



Apologies again if there's already a cut and dry solution to this, my eyes are dying from the screen at the moment lol




And thanks in advance for responses!

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The idea of 'default fan lighting' somewhat went out the window with the introduction of Hardware Lighting Mode a while back. Now you can choose your non-software operational lighting. The tricky bit is that the hardware level programming is static, but fans vary in terms of LED count, arrangement, etc., so things are not always as they appear. The "preview mode" is really showing you the software version of an effect, not what you will see when you quit the software. You'll have to quit the app to verify it's as expected.


I think what you are really looking for is the software lighting effect "Rainbow Channel". You can preview this in the software, however it will be missing on the drop down list for Hardware lighting. Choose "rainbow wave". It will show you something different, but when you quit it will actually be rainbow channel. Spiral Rainbow and Rainbow wave have never really existed as non-software effects, even though they are often mistakenly referred to by those names.

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