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CMX512-3200PT Faulty


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I firstly contacted Overclockers and they have recommended I contact you directly... here was the message I sent to them:


I purchased a Corsair CMX512-3200PT memory module from you [overclockers.co.uk] on 11-July-2002. I upgraded in Dec-2003 and purchased an additional CMX512-3200C2PT module, as well as an Epox 8KRA2+ motherboard.


I have been running them fine at DDR400 @ 2.5-3-3-7 (manual timings recommended by Corsair RAMGuy) since then but over the last 9 months my PC would randomly freeze for a few seconds. Now the situation has got worse, my system will run okay for a couple of days (still get random freezes, however). Then when I reboot, the system will lockup on the memory test (quick boot disabled in BIOS) and I will have to power down my machine to remove the module or the full memory check will fail. After the module has cooled, I can reinstall it and it will be fine again!


I have tried lowering the clockspeed to DDR333, relaxing the timings, increasing the voltage +0.1v - all to no avail.


I am not sure how exactly the "lifetime warranty" works, but I just thought I'd drop you a mail to see if my module would be covered.




Only one question... do you have a UK address to send the memory to, or would it still be the USA address?


If you need any more info, let me know.

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I would suggest you RMA both modules so they are a closer match. And I would see if your reseller will help you and if not then please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!
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My reseller (overclockers.co.uk) recommended I speak to you and provided your RMA address, aka they won't help me. Since the module is 2002, I'm not surprised.


What would be the timeframe for returning replacements from USA/Canada to the UK - I couldn't really have my computer down for longer than 10-days.


I have read "I have a bad part!", and thats why I posted my original message.


FYI: The newer module's info is as follows...


2) CMX512-3200C2PT XMS3202v1.2 0347085

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