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iCue Scaling Issue w/ Dual Monitors Windows 10


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I have two screens connected, Screen 1 3440x1440 Displayport, Screen 2 3840x2160 HDMI. Screen 2 is usually off and not in use (it's a TV).


Windows 10 Pro 2004 19041.508

Ryzen 2700x

RTX 2080 456.38


iCue seems to get confused at some point when I use the different screens. It seems to apply the higher scaling ratio (200%) from Screen 2 to Screen 1 (100% scaling is generally used). iCue usability decreases as text falls out of place. iCue window seems to be sizing itself based on overall resolution of the two monitors combined, or some combination of the two resolutions, sometimes opening an unusably large window spanning across two monitors that are several feet apart.


Anyone else had this issue or can give me some guidance on how to avoid it?


Thank you

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