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Looking for a case for a top mount H115i Platinum


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The 680x has terrible air flow. It does look nice being a dual chamber bbut if you use mechanical drives for plex or backup. There is no air flow on them at all.


I would personally look at the newer 4000 series cases from Corsair. I'm not sure what you want to spend on a case. But for $80 I would take the 4000D airflow case or one of the other cases in that line up.



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Yeah! I saw the 4000D and think it looks great! My main concern would be my RAM, I am currently using Corcair Vengeance RGB Pro and in reviews and such they are recommending low profile RAM for clearance. As silly as it is, I would hate to have to ditch perfectly good RGB RAM in order to get the LPX just to clear the H115i at the top.


With the H115i install as a top exhaust, are the top of your DIMMS tucked in behind the fans and rad at the top?

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No, you can't install a 280mm radiator like Corsair H115i Platinum, due radiator + fans = touch the half 25% of your MB in the 4000D. Forget about it. Go for any other case, I'm still looking for the same as you due I have Dominator RAM too and I can't find any "cheap" case which make fit all my components. Even Phanteks super big tower can't fit (Enthoo)...so if you find any above +/- 100$, please, inform.
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