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H115i RGB Platinum - Issue with corsair logo RGB


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Hi all,


I have had my H115i for about 10 months and at some point recently the RGB on the corsair logo of the pump seems broken. The colors are just off, for example this is the result of the basic colors in iCue:

- Red: Fine

- Yellow: Fine

- Green: Fine

- Teal: Corsair logo is green

- Blue: Blue but somewhat faded, not as bright as the other working colors

- Pink: Corsair logo is red

- White: Corsair logo is yellow


There's no issue with the ring on the pump, just the corsair logo. There is no other issue on the AIO itself. I tried a different SATA power cable, no difference. Running on latest iCue and firmware. Going by the results above, it seems like the blue LEDs are not functioning properly.


Anyone experienced this on this or another cooler? Any ideas on what I can do to fix it? Warranty will likely not be an option, there are massive shipping delays due to COVID and I don't have another cooler to use in the meantime.

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Your Blue LEDs are failing or otherwise not lighting properly. No way to know on this end if it's physical or firmware glitch. You can try force loading the firmware again, but there is always some element of risk in flashing an AIO. You may want to reach out to Corsair support, which will be necessary anyway if the problem is physical.
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